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Welcome to the home page for Project DEFEATS.

With the increasing experience with applications running in a large-scale asynchronous network such as the Internet, the need for dependability properties in that environment has become evident. For example, E-commerce services have to be secure, reliable and available. There has been research in those properties for a couple of decades now, but their implementation is still not simple for the average system architect. 

Faults in critical systems have been handled by a number of techniques, from prevention to fault tolerance mechanisms based on replication. On the other hand, security is still mostly obtained through prevention, although it is possible to characterize the malicious faults involved in attacks and intrusions, which can then be handled using fault-tolerance techniques. This issue, intrusion tolerance, only recently started to receive attention. 

Project DEFEATS, now finished, was concerned with studying intrusion tolerance concepts and mechanisms.

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Last updated: Fevereiro 01, 2006.
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